To all the firefighters, organizers and support people who came together to battle the

wildfire in our area, including those who labored diligently—especially through

one particularly scary night for us—to protect Givens Hot Springs and surrounding homes

and outbuildings from the fast advancing fire.


Our hearts go out to those who have lost so much in grazeland, livestock, and some

structures. We were gratified, however, to see the community rally in support, offering

places to stay, care and pasture for displaced animals, food for firefighters,

transportation and preparation of food, money, etc.

 * * *

 Established in 1881 - Celebrating our 134th year in business!!!

Come see what made Oregon Trail pioneers Milford and Mattie Givens trade their Oregon dreams for life in this beautiful high desert setting at the base of Idaho's Owyhee mountains. Located an hour from Boise, and just 1/2 hour from Nampa or Caldwell, Givens Hot Springs takes you away from the stresses of life as you soak or swim in this naturally soft, hot mineral water. Add to your swim a night or relaxing weekend in a tent under the stars, in your own RV, one of our camp trailers, or a quaint 1940's cabin and you won't want to leave!

The indoor pool is open year 'round, with temperature and air-flow adjustments that make a swim enjoyable any time of year. And when you feel the "munchies" coming on, get a bite to eat from our snack bar to enjoy outside or in, depending on the weather.