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Grassy, shaded parks surrounding the pool house at Givens Hot Springs provide a pleasant, 

peaceful setting for RV-ing, dry camping, or just hanging out for an afternoon or evening.


RV Hookups and Dry Camping are Open Year 'Round.


Please note: No dogs are allowed on Givens property

To reserve any of the following,

please call 208-495-2000

any day between noon and 9:00 p.m.

Basic Camping Rates:

RV Hookup....................$40 

Hot Water and Electricity (30 amp)

Dry Camping ............. $30 

Tent, non-hookup RV, or sleeping under the stars

(Just one person - $25) 

Above prices include:

One calendar day of swimming with each night of camping for up to first two people;  

Additional people in units: $10 apiece. 

(No discount for campers who don't swim, and swim may not be transferred to anyone else.) 


Extra day of swimming (beyond nights paid for) is 1/2 our regular swim price. 

(Sorry, our housing units are no longer available to the public.)


More Information on Dry Camping or Hook-ups:

             Hot water: We recommend filling RV tanks with cold water at home. That, mixed with our hot, is great for washing                        dishes, showering, etc. It's recommended that you bring your own drinking water (because all of ours is hot), or you

            can purchase individual bottles of chilled water in the pool house for $1.50.


            Fire pits and tables: Available on a first-come or shared basis. Please be mindful of other people wanting to use them.

            Bring your own firewood.


Event Center: 

             Event Center Rental Fee: $200 per day, or any portion thereof, and $150 for each additional, subsequent day.

            This fee is in addition to the camping rates. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when making the reservation.


                             To Reserve: Call 208-495-2000. We require a credit/debit card number for Event Center.  

                             (We don't run your card until you arrive, or unless you don't show.) See cancellation policy below.

             Special Camping Rates: For church, school, and Scout groups. Check with Nadine for more details.                                                                             (Call: 208-495-2000 or email:

             Park Use Fee: Is included for each person paying to camp or swim. For those not swimming or camping, there is a park

             use fee of $3 per person or $50 for up to 30 people - whichever is less. For more than 30 non-swimmers/non-campers,                           contact Nadine at 208-495-2000.

             Payment:  We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover, checks, money orders, and ... oh yes, cash.

             Cancellation Policy: Due to our limited number of RV hook-ups, and the probability we've turned others away based on your                     reservation, the first night will be charged for any cancellations made less than one week before activity, or for holidays                           (including the weeks of school Spring Breaks). 

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