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Prior to her involvement with Steve Givens, five children, and Givens Hot Springs - an historic family-owned business - Nadine was privileged to enjoy many additional transformative opportunities. In her book Becoming Pan Am, Durango to Danang, the author transports the reader from her growing up adventures in Durango, Colorado to life in two foreign countries - and international travel, service, and exploration as a Pan Am stewardess. Woven into her story are family, world, and airline milestones and events, punctuated with colorful photos and Pan Am promotional materials. 


Where the author can be found online (also see information below for ordering directly from the author):
  (See ‘Look inside’ feature that gives you a preview of what’s in the book.) 


“My neighbor, Nadine Givens, has written a book about her life.  Nadine was a Pan Am flight attendant in the early '70s and had a very interesting career. Her book, 'Becoming Pan Am - Durango to Danang' is so fascinating I could hardly put it down. I highly recommend it." 

                                                                                            Ed Dickman (Retired captain for Northwest Airlines)


“… Her writing is clever, sometimes humorous, always informative and completely delightful.”

                                      Excerpt from book foreword by Michele Ashman Bell (Best-selling fiction author)


“From the moment I opened Nadine Givens's book from the mail, I couldn't put it down. It's a highly readable, amply illustrated story that captures the beginnings of affordable air travel in the United States in the 1960s—also the decade of hippies, the Vietnam war, and other major social trends… As an avid advocate of personal history writing, I also find the book a model sample of what we are all now being urged to compose: significant memories to pass on to our posterity. It describes vividly an era that we of an aging generation find a pleasure to recall; and younger readers would find fascinating the contrasts between life for young women then and now. The writing is plain, vivid, and highly personal.”

                                                                               Don Norton (Professor Emeritus, BYU Department of Linguistics)

TO ORDER AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF Becoming Pan Am – Durango to Danang: 


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  Send a check or money order for

$34.95 to: 


Nadine Givens 

11309 Hwy. 78 

Givens Hot Springs, ID 83641

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