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Enjoy Swimming, Camping, Family Reunions, and our Event Center



Adult Entrance Fee (Ages 13-59):  $10.00

Child Entrance Fee (Ages 3-12):       $5.00

Senior Entrance Fee (Ages 60-90):  $5.00

Children age 2 and under and Seniors 90 and over: FREE

*Above prices are for swimmers who aren't camping.  See camping information on this page for swimming included with camping.*

Reserved Swims

1. The pool may be reserved for the exclusive use of groups from 10 am to noon, or from 9 pm to 11 pm.

2. The cost is $10 per person (all ages, except 2 and under and 90 and over) for the reserved swim.

3. There is a $200 minimum for reserved swims. If the number of people adds up to a higher figure, you pay the greater amount. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when making the reservation. (This applies toward the $200 minimum.)

4. NO PASSES OR COUPONS honored for a reserved swim.

5. The swimming included with camping is during our regular hours only-- Noon to 9:00 p.m.

Additional Accommodations:

  • Showers (in poolhouse), and Restrooms (indoor and outdoor)

  • Snack Bar: To satisfy the "munchies" -- Pop, Juice, Candy, Ice Cream, Chips, etc.

  • Enclosed Events Center--See below. Reservation required. 

Event Center

Amenities included in Event Center:

  • Electric lights 

  • One standard refrigerator with freezer compartment                             

  • Large beverage cooler

  • Sink with hot water

  • Movable 6-foot countertop 

  • Six – 6-foot picnic tables (with attached benches)

  • Additional table and chair sets

  • Miscellaneous couches and recliners

  • Heated in winter; cooled in summer 

The rental fee for using the Event Center is $200 for one day or portion thereof; $150 for each additional contiguous day or portion thereof. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required when making the reservation.


For campers, the 'Event Center' fee is in addition to camping fees.  Reservation required.

Camping fees are per night. (See the "Camping" page for more information.)

  • RV Hook-ups (electricity and hot water): $40.00

  • Dry Camping: $30 (If just 1 person in a tent: $25)           

  • Housing Units: No longer available for public use.  

  • Camping rates: Based on two people in a tent or RV. Any additional people in a unit are $10 each.

  • Fees: *Prices for camping include one calendar day of swimming with each night of camping. An additional day of swimming, beyond nights paid for, is half our regular swim price.


Note: Bring firewood if you want a campfire. Some people also choose to bring their own drinking water (as all of ours is hot), or you can purchase chilled bottles in our Snack Bar for $1.50 each.

Park Areas: With tables and fire pits. Park use is included for any paid swimmers or campers. For individuals not paying to camp or swim there is a $3 per person/per day park-use fee, or a $50 flat fee for under 30 non-swimmer/campers, whichever is less. (Check with Guy or Nadine - 208-495-2000.) 

  • Pets: Sorry, no dogs allowed on the premises! 

  • No smoking or animals of any kind are allowed in any of our indoor facilities! 

  • A Credit/Debit card number,  as well as a $50 non-refundable deposit, is required to hold Reserved Swims and the Event Center,  

  • Registration: Please register upon arrival! The card number we took over the phone is only to hold your reservation. We don't charge your card until you arrive, or unless you don't show.

  • Pool Use: Children age 12 and under must be accompanied in the water, at all times, by a responsible adult, age 18 or older!!! (Three to one ratio.) If adults get out of the pool, kids do, too!

  • Swim-wear: For health and maintenance reasons, swimsuits are the required attire. No shirts or streetwear of any kind are allowed in the pool, including swim shirts and tank tops. Suits and towels are available for rent (Suits--$1.50; Towels--$1.50). 

  • LITTLE SWIMMER diapers (or a comparable brand designed for swimming) are required for all children under age three. No exceptions! (We have individual ones available to purchase for $1.50. Additional plastic pants are encouraged to preserve the sanitation of pool water. Don't use regular disposable diapers in the pool, as they expand and explode, leaving a terrible mess!

  • Reserved Swims: Check with Guy or Nadine (208-495-2000) for more information.

  • Motorbikes, radios, CD players, etc. are not allowed. These don't contribute to the peace and quiet for which many come to Givens. Only personal music devices with earbuds/headphones are permitted. (Must not be audible to anyone else.) Motorbikes may be run only to access or leave premises - not to sightsee on property! 

  • Quiet Time: 11:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Please be considerate of others by observing these hours. (Anyone we can hear during these hours gets to help scrub toilets in the morning!)

  • Picnic Tables: Available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, in order to be fair to other campers, if you require more than two or three tables for your group - and it's a busy time at Givens - we encourage you to bring additional tables from home. If you move our tables, be sure they're returned to where you got them before you leave.

  • Fire Pits: Are available for campers on a first-come or share basis, but you need to bring your own firewood and grills. (Some of the fire pits - but not all - have grills.)

  • Hot Water: We recommend filling RV tanks with cold water at home. That, mixed with our hot, is great for washing dishes, showering, etc. 


Come out and enjoy an autumn getaway. Kick back in
lawnchairs, observe nature, play games with friends
and family, and bask in the warmth of a campfire as

you roast hot dogs, tell stories and consume smores.

See the CAMPING page for more information.


The pool and poolhouse are still under renovation and
unavailable for use at present. Our current discounted prices
are in effect just until the pool facilities re-open. 

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